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RCMP - RCMP II by DJ Apt One


When it came out on vinyl in the summer of 2009, the RCMP EP signaled the arrival of a brave new force in disco. As the "nu-disco" sound was on the rise, the forward-thinking classicism of RCMP hit the scene like a left hook. DJ Apt One and Relative Q's narrative song-writing reminded people that it's ok to cry on the dancefloor. Babies were conceived to this record.

Soon, with support from worldwide tastemakers like Glasgow's Optimo, NYC's Cosmo Baker and the cosign of XLR8R magazine, Discobelle and other outlets, the record quickly sold out of vinyl units worldwide and the digital EP and the singles it spawned, Mustache Love and USA Groove, shot up the charts at digital retailers. This, of course, was only the beginning.

This is RCMP "II," a journey into a more spiritual realm of disco music, with guitars, strings and synths crisscrossing like lazer beams across a dancefloor bathed aglow in seductive red light.  Unlike most of today's recorded dance music, RCMP II is designed to be listened to from beginning to end - quality and sheer erotic power all the way through.

"Sweat and Loving" opens the record and signals to the dancer that this odyssey is going to progress from ground level to the sky, but first, work must be done - the atmosphere must be built and nurtured.   DJ Apt One's guitars echo out as Relative Q lays synthesizers over a constantly escalating roll of arpeggiated bass, bringing the listener to the point of climax as the strings and horns finally burst out like thunder from the heavens.

"Strings" brings the dancer back to earth... no, it brings the dancer deep underground.  Technology is nothing to be feared, as driving intensity is tempered by a soaring synth solo by Relative Q.  Again, DJ Apt One's guitars provide the sheen over a deep pulse.  Best experienced in the darkest corner of the club.

The next tune is for the macho men on the dancefloor, in their tanks and military hats and thick moustaches.  "Men's Rhythm" is a tribute to the bears and the twinks - the ones who make the disco scene surge as the slick appearances give way to the undercurrent of sleaze underneath.  High energy is the name of the game here.

The journey continues with "Love The Music," a blend of deep space and boogie jump.  The bassline rolls and bounces as a lone voice asks just how much music means to YOU.

RCMP II will be followed by a remix EP featuring top talent including Elvis Suarez (Strictly Rhythm), Fifteenth (Fool's Gold), Pink Skull (RVNG INTL), Laberge (Solid Bump), Pumpkin Patch (Young Robots), DJ Ayres (Young Robots / T&A) and Burnso (Young Robots).

RCMP invites you to join them in their journey.

For remix and press inquiries and European booking: djaptone (at) gmail (dot) com

For North American booking: karen (at) themusictrust (dot) com

Promo mix:

RCMP - RCMP II Promo Mix by DJ Apt One